Ani-Mayhem Collectible Card Game

Ages Players Duration
12+ 1-4 45 Minutes

Assemble a team of characters, travel across dimensions and scavenge goods as you battle against Disasters and maybe your opponents. A rather ambitious card game that was part of the first wave of CCGs. Ani-Mayhem tasked players with searching for goods across locations with a team of anime protagonists while they dealt with various enemies and problems. It had many unique features for the time, like it could be played with 1 or more players and there was no requirement for head to head battles. It also implemented a "board" of cards that players move around similar to games like Decipher's Star Trek. Pulling content from many different anime series and movies which were just starting to gain popularity in America. The game was a bit clunky but its ambitious take and targeting an, at the time, niche market helped it have a modest run. Its 3rd and last expansion, Dragon Ball Z, was the end of the game's run. Anime would continue to be a fertile ground for TCG/CCGs in the future.

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Created By: Jon Healy, Keith Pinster, and Josh Ritter

Win Conditions: Points

Release Date: 1996-07-01

Active: No

Art Style: Screencaps

Categories: Television, Anime, Sci-Fi