Jedi Knights Trading Card Game

Ages Players Duration
12+ 2-4 20-40 Mins

The Alliance and the Empire battle for control of planets, pick your character and their theme to lead your side to victory through conquest or in a final confrontation. Another foray into the Star Wars universe from Decipher, which was designed for 2-4 players and wanted to expand to 6 but never got there. The win condition for Jedi Knights revolved around the sides trying to control 3 planets, but if they couldn't then a Final Conflict would decide the game. The game also had characters pick a theme for their deck which allowed for a specific character to be reused throughout the game and also acted as set up for other card effects and the Final Conflict. This game was also unique for its style that enlisted CGI artists from around the Star Wars fan community to create the card art.

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Jedi Knights TCG Official Rules

Created By: Tom Lischke

Win Conditions: Area Control, Knock Out

Release Date: 2001-04-25

Active: No

Art Style: Orginal

Categories: Sci-Fi, Movie, Star Wars