The Terminator Collectible Card Game

Ages Players Duration
10+ 2+ 60 Mins

Battle in the Past and the Future as the Resistance fights to stop the AI SkyNet from wiping out humanity. Players take control of one of the factions and attempt to win by either completing a scenario objective, eliminating all their opponents characters or completing enough missions points. Using the Battlegrounds system from Precedence this game was also able to be mixed with their Aliens Predator CCG. Game play included a game board element which included ranged combat across locations and hidden movement. Certain scenarios also allowed for multiple players with specific rules and objects for each faction.

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Created By: Michael Pease, David Campbell

Win Conditions: Objectives, Points, Knock Out

Release Date: 2000-09-08

Active: No

Art Style: Screencaps

Categories: Movie, Sci-Fi