Teen Titans Collectible Card Game

Ages Players Duration
8+ 2 30 - 60 Mins.

When a mysterious force upsets the cosmic balance, heroes and villains alike are thrown into an all out brawl. Players each assemble a group of fighters and try to gain 15 victory points by knocking out enemies or gain control of all 3 of your opponent's fields. Inspired by the Teen Titans cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network the game's card design tried to recapture the energetic feel of the series. The games designed combined area control and action point management as it main focus but tried to keep effects simple to allow for players of younger ages.

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Created By: Kris Oprisko, James Takenaka, Erick Reyes

Win Conditions: Points

Release Date: 2005-04-22

Active: No

Art Style: Screencaps

Categories: Television, Cartoon, Super Hero, DC