On The Edge Collectible Card Game

Ages Players Duration
12+ 2+ 45 Minutes

The Mediterranean island of Al Amarja is a crossroads of the strange. Cabals, Psychics, Mutants, Magicians, Aliens and Anarchists have all come to the island. Build up your Conspiracy to generate enough influence to take control of Al Amarja. On the Edge was a unique early CCG that was based on the niche RPG Over the Edge. The game contained solid game play with each player building a grid/tableau of cards as the core gameplay. On The Edge developed a cult following in the early days. It was known for its unique art and deep story that it gets across in its flavor text. Still readily available from its producer but this game has not gotten an expansion since its 3rd (Arcana) in late 1995.

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Created By: Jonathan Tweet, John Nephew

Win Conditions: Points

Release Date: 1994-01-01

Active: No

Art Style: Original

Categories: Sci-Fi, Modern