Star Wars: The Card Game

Ages Players Duration
10+ 2 30 - 60 Mins.

The battle between the Light side and the Dark side once again plays out in the Star Wars universe. The light sides struggles to destroy the dark sides objectives as the dark side builds their galactic might. A part of the living card game series from Fantasy Flight Games. This game employed an unique objective set deck building structure where instead of drafting individual cards into your deck players would select at least 10, 6 card objective sets to create a deck. The expansions drew from expanded legacy Star Wars lore featuring character from Legacy books, video games, and cartoons.

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Set List

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Created By: Eric M. Lang, Erik Dahlman, Nate French

Win Conditions: Objective, Decking

Release Date: 2012-12-20

Active: No

Art Style: Original

Categories: Sci-Fi, Movie, Star Wars