Hyborian Gates

Ages Players Duration
12+ 2+ 90 Mins.

As war once again breaks out across the 6 Dimensions players will need assemble armies and use Vortex Gates to gain control over them and win the war. Based around the art of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Hyborian Gates, was one of the many games that sought to cash in on the burgeoning CCG trend that Magic had started. Ultimately the game felt rushed, with gameplay not well thought out and slightly confusing, which lead to it being swiftly overlooked. The decision to use and crop exist art work of Vallejo and Bell also led to many cards not matching their names/effects or looking overly generic.

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Hyborian Gates Set Lists

Created By: Unknown

Win Conditions: Objective

Release Date: 1995-07-01

Active: No

Art Style: Original

Categories: Fantasy