One Piece Trading Card Game (2022)

Ages Players Duration
6+ 2 15-30 Mins

The Straw Hats once again set sail for adventure, into a world where crews do battle and attempt to knock out the captain of the opposing crew. The One Piece card game once again returns to the American market. With a more streamlined rules set and win conditions than the 2005 version the games are rather quick. This game focuses more on direct battling; having fewer event cards instead relying on DON!!(Energy) and discarding cards from hand to power up your fighters. The storyline is based on the more recent arcs of the anime, instead of trying to incorporate early material, yet. Like many Bandai games there are multiple art versions of certain cards which is a bonus for collectors.

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Created By: Bandai

Win Conditions: Knock Out

Release Date: 2022-12-02

Active: Yes

Art Style: Screencaps

Categories: Television, Cartoon, Anime, Pirate