WARS Trading Card Game

Ages Players Duration
12+ 2 45+ Mins

As humanity spread out into the solar system a rift in space opened near Jupiter. Alien races started to emerge and tensions between different human factions worsened. These different factions Earther, Gongen, Maverick, Shi, and Quay now war to gain power over the rift and the system. After losing the license to Star Wars, Decipher decided to reskin the game with their own mythology. Using the same mechanics players try to drain energy (discard cards) from their opponent's through control of locations and game effects eventually decking their opponent to win. Only receiving 2 expansions Decipher put considerable effort into fleshing out the world, creating fiction, music and other support media.


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WARS TCG Official Rules

Created By: Joe Alread, Chuck Kallenbach, Tom Lischke, Kendrick Summers

Win Conditions: Decking

Release Date: 2004-10-06

Active: No

Art Style: Original

Categories: Sci-Fi