Super Hero Squad Card Game

Ages Players Duration
8+ 2 15 mins

The heroes of Super Hero City are vigilant for the nefarious plans of those in Villainville, but in the meantime they can get into some scuffles with each other. The Super Hero Squad card game was an offshoot of the online game of the same name. Initially part of the online game, the card game aspect was spun off into a print version after a year. The game has a simple but effective life decking rules system where you can stop damage by discarding a card of the matching color. The game worked surprisingly well as it allowed for team or character deck building strategies but never seemed to leave behind younger players. The physical version had two expansion releases and a 3rd was in the works but never got released. Due to this some cards existed in the digital version that didn't make it to print.

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Created By: Devin Low

Win Conditions: Decking

Release Date: 2012-04-24

Active: No

Art Style: Original

Categories: Television, Cartoon, Super Hero, Marvel