Magi-Nation Duel:


Nagi-Nation: Core Zet
Name: Zet
Region/Type: Core Magi
Cost: 12
Energize: 6
Starting: Terrorize, Turn, Koil, Shadow Cloak
Effect: Effect - Good Riddance: If Korg is in any player's defeated Magi pile, add three energy to Zet's starting energy.
Power - Treachery: (X+4) - Zet gains control of any one Creature in play. X is the amount of energy on that Creature. If the Creature is a non-Core Creature, it loses one energy. The Creature may not attack this turn.
Flavor Text: "Korg, this is the perfect chance for us to get in there and cause some disarray."
Illustrators: Holmberg, Vega
Rarity: Limited
Set: Promos
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