Magi-Nation Duel:

The Prankster

Nagi-Nation: Kybar's Teeth The Prankster
Name: The Prankster
Region/Type: Kybar's Teeth Magi
Trait: Alternate Jagt
Cost: 14
Energize: 6
Starting: Pebble Hinko, Yark Gloves
Effect: Effect - Surprise!: At the beginning of your turn, if you have no Creatures in play, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a Kybar's Teeth Creature, you may play it, reducing its cost by four, to a minimum of zero. The Creature cannot attack this turn. Otherwise, discard the revealed card.
Flavor Text: "TREMBLE in my presence, weakling." "You brought presents? For me?" -Hrada and Jagt
Illustrators: Werner
Rarity: Limited
Set: Promos
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