Magi-Nation Duel:

Rayje's Construct

Nagi-Nation: Universal Rayje's Construct
Name: Rayje's Construct
Region/Type: Universal Creature
Cost: 12
Effect: Effect - Ancestral Favor: All of your Spells cost one less energy to play, to a minimum of one.
Power - Auraflection: 2 - Copy any one Power on your Magi; paying all costs.
Power - Channeling: Discard two cards from your hand to add two energy to your Magi.
Effect - Invigorate: Your Magi's energize rate is increased by one.
Power - Lore: 2 - Draw one card.
Power - Pound Pound Pound: 2 - Discard any one Relic from play.
Effect - Tinker: Whenever you play a Relic, add one energy to any one Creature in play.
Flavor Text: "It comes in three different sizes, large, extra large, and Oh My Gosh, It's Coming This Way!" -Pruitt, starting to run
Illustrators: Cook, Holmberg, Werner
Rarity: Limited
Set: Promos
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