Magi-Nation Duel:


Nagi-Nation: Kybar's Teeth Oranragan
Name: Oranragan
Region/Type: Kybar's Teeth Creature
Cost: 8
Effect: Effect - Crush: When you play Oranragan, choose and discard an opposing Relic from play.
Effect - Vengeance: When an opposing card discard one of your cards from play or reduces one of your other Creatures to zero energy, add two energy to Oranragan.
Effect - Invulnerability: Oranragan loses one less energy in attacks.
Flavor Text: "What the heck would you do with a banana that big anyway?" -Jagt, Prankster
Illustrators: Gillette, Goodman, Holmberg
Rarity: Limited
Set: Promos
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