Magi-Nation Duel:


Nagi-Nation: Arderial Niffer
Name: Niffer
Region/Type: Arderial Magi
Cost: 14
Energize: 5
Starting: Ayebaw, Brannix, Shooting Star
Effect: Effect - Allies: When you reveal Niffer, choose any one region. Niffer is from the chosen region asw well as Arderial. Niffer cannot play cards that are not Arderial, Universal, or of the chosen region.
Effect - Overwrite: When you play a Spell, you may discard two energy from Niffer to change any one region name in the Spell to any other region.
Flavor Text: "Well, somebody has to teach you folks how it's done."
Illustrators: Cook, Gillette, Werner
Rarity: Limited
Set: Promos
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