Magi-Nation Duel:

Empress Gia

Nagi-Nation: Core Empress Gia
Name: Empress Gia
Region/Type: Core Magi
Trait: Alternate Nagsis
Cost: 15
Energize: 5
Starting: Drush, Gia Pet, Corrupt
Effect: Empress Gia can only play Core, Weave, and Universal cards.
Effect - Act Like Gia: If you have no Core cards in play, draw an additional card at the end of each of your turns and your Weave Creatures lose one less energy when attacked.
Effect - Fight Like Nagsis: If you have Core cards in play, all of your Creatures may attack, even those that cannot normally attack.
Flavor Text: "My voice is raw from speaking in falsetto all the time."
Illustrators: Gillette, Goodman, Werner
Rarity: Limited
Set: Promos
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