Traitor's Reach KickStarter Hopes to Bring Magi-Nation Back

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UPDATE: The kickstarter is in the final few days of its run. They have achieved their goal and reached the booster box benchmark.

After Magi-Nation had their last major release in 2002. A new Kickstarter hopes to reignite interest in the Moonlands. Using cards designed for an unreleased set, the goal of this project is to create starter decks based on each region. The team has designed 13 different starters but how many are made will depend on the success of the campaign. The decks will be a mix of new cards from the set and some older cards to make them more playable. All cards from the Traitor's Reach expansion will be obtainable if you purchase all 13 of the decks. There may be a different method to get these cards though.

The true tipping point will be if the project reaches the $250K mark. According to the Stretch Goals, if they can reach this threshold they will offer Booster Boxes for sale. The Arcanist's Armory team commented that these booster boxes wuould not just be Traitor's Reach cards but "booster boxes will be a re-release distribution of older set mixes with just a splash of Traitors Reach".

Other items available from the Kickstart will be Pins for each of the Magi-Nation Regions, Dice, Posters, Deck Carriers, Playmats and a creature figurine.

Magi-Nation Duel TCG: Traitor's Reach Kickstarter

The Kickstarter is scheduled to last till March 30, 2024

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