Ursula's Return: Next Lorcana Expansion Announced

Ursula's Return Header

The Illumineer's will have a big problem on their hads when Ursula resurfaces in the next expansion set for Disney's Lorcana trading card game. The theme of the expansion will focus on Ursula's plots coming to light and will feature new cards for the Sea Witch, herself, and Ariel to stand in her way. One of the starters reveled will introduce Enchanto into the Luminary with a deck base around the family Madrigal.

Ursula's Return Starter Decks

Ursula's Return Enchanto Starter Deck and Featured Cards

The starter decks for Ursula's Return will consist of an Amber/Amethyst deck centered around the family Madrigal, each member bringing their gifts or just their enthusiasm to the field. The other will be a Sapphire/Steel deck focusing on the heroic deeds of characters like Anna and Hercules.

Illuminner's Quest: Deep Trouble, a new way to play

Illumineer's Quest: Deep Trouble Game Box and Contents

This expansion will also include a new way to play with the introduction of Illumineer's Quests. Calling back to the raid decks of World of Warcraft these box sets will allow players to tackle the threat of Ursula solo or together. The Quest comes with 2 preconstructed player decks and is ready to play right out of the box. The Quest game rules support up to four players and will have four different difficulty settings to test your skill. The Ursula Quest deck will have a special back so they are not playable in other game modes but that doesn't mean the cards will be unqiue.

Ursula's Return is set to release at your Local Gaming Store and at Disney Parks on May 17, 2024, and wide release on May 31, 2024.

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