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Ahead of the set's release later this week, Ravensburger officially teased all the cards in Into the Inklands through their app. Illumineers set out for adventure this expansion finding new characters and exploring new lands. A new mechanic in this set allows Characters to set out for the Locations that offer bonuses and additional lore to players. This expansion explores famous Disney adventures, adding cards from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Duck Tales (2017) and Moana. The lore of the set also points to future stories such as mysterious structures at the edges of the inklands and a missing mermaid, or maybe that's just Ariel.

Outside of the brave adventurers: Hercules must face the full force of the Titans and Hades, The Rescuers join the case to foil Madame Medusa and her greedy plans, and the land of Nottingham really comes out strong. Other cards in the set help expand on existing play styles. Sorcerer Mickey make new magic with 3 new broom types and a location to support them. The Villain keyword gets a boost from the Queen of Hearts and more item manipulation play a role in this set. A Surprsing appearnace from Tale Spin might be thanks them appearing in Duck Tales, but we hope for more adventures from the Disney Afternoon.

Collectors will also be seeking the 18 enchanted cards available in the set, increased to 3 per color instead of the 2 previously and Mickey Mouse, Trumpeter is likely to be on many players and collectors "must have" lists.

Into the Inklands is set to release at your Local Gaming Store and at Disney Parks on Feburary 23, 2024, and wide release on March 8, 2024.

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Into the Inklands Starter Decks

The starter decks for Into the Inklands will be a Amber/Emerald one featuring 101 Dalmations and Peter Pan, creating powerful teams and synergies. The other will be a Ruby/Sapphire one featuring Moana and Ducktales, as they set out and utilize their items to succeded in their ventures.

As with the previous set there will be a Illumineer's Trove offered and a Gift Set with the Stitch, Covert Agent, and Tinker Bell,Very Clever Fairy cards.

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