MetaZoo CCG:

Chibi Salamander Queen

MetaZoo CCG: Kuromi's Cryptid Carnival Chibi Salamander Queen
Name Chibi Salamander Queen
Aura Type Flame
Type/Tribe Beastie Chibi Elemental
Spellbook Limit 5 per spellbook
Cost 1 Flame
Life Points 10
Traits Spirit
Terra Bonuses Desert 10, Suburban LP 20
4th Wall Effects ARENA: If you are wearing a crown, when a Beastie named Salamander Queen or Giant Salamander Enters the Arena, Awaken that Beastie. All Beasties you control are also considered [Flame Aura].
Effects Fiery Command Beasties named Salamander Queen cost 2 [Flame Aura] to Contract until the end of this turn.
Attack Tiny Embers · Burn (1) · 20
Strong Against Forest, Frost
Set Number 15
Rarity Gold
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