MetaZoo CCG:

Chibi Loveland Frogman

MetaZoo CCG: Kuromi's Cryptid Carnival Chibi Loveland Frogman
Name Chibi Loveland Frogman
Aura Type Water
Type/Tribe Beastie Chibi
Spellbook Limit 4 per spellbook
Cost 1 Neutral, 1 Water
Life Points 10
Traits Fleet, Magiproof
Terra Bonuses Lake 10, Suburban 10
4th Wall Effects Runic Rattle If you shake a rattle, target Beastie Chibi or Friend gains all Traits they do not have that other Beastie Chibis and Friends have until the start of your next turn.
Attack First Staff · 10
If this Attack Damaged a Caster, you and that Caster Bookmark 1.
Strong Against Earth, Flame
Set Number 22
Rarity Gold
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