Magi-Nation Duel:

Storm Shield

Nagi-Nation: Arderial Storm Shield
Name: Storm Shield
Region/Type: Arderial Relic
Cost: 0
Effect: Effect - Strengthen: If your Magi has no energy at the end of your turn, all of your Arderial Creatures in play gain one energy. If your Magi is Shimmer, all of your Arderial Creatures in play gain an additional energy.
Effect: All opposing Spells, Powers, and Effects that reveal your hand to other players have no effect.
If Storm Shield is discarded from your hand by an opposing card, you may play it instead.
Flavor Text: Vashps and alabans, xyxes and narths, all of the Arderial creatures circle around the bearer like a cyclone.
Illustrators: Gillette, Goodman, Werner
Rarity: 1
Set: Dream's End
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