Magi-Nation Duel:

Naroom Shadow Geyser

Nagi-Nation: Core Naroom Shadow Geyser
Name: Naroom Shadow Geyser
Region/Type: Core Spell
Trait: Shadow Geyser
Cost: 5
Effect: The energy cost for this Geyser is zero if played by a Naroom Shadow Magi. In order to play this Geyser, you must discard three of your Core Creatures from play. Place this Geyser on the table. Naroom Creatures loses two energy when they are played. Whenever you play a Core Creature, add one energy to it. You may not play another Naroom Shadow Geyser while this one is in play. If your Magi leaves play, you may keep all but one of your Shadow Geysers in play. Agram does not discard any Shadow Geysers from play when he leaves play.
Flavor Text: "One! One shadow geyser! Bwah hah hah hah!" -Korg
Illustrators: Christopher
Rarity: 1
Set: Dream's End
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