Magi-Nation Duel:

Moga Fang Necklace

Nagi-Nation: Kybar's Teeth Moga Fang Necklace
Name: Moga Fang Necklace
Region/Type: Kybar's Teeth Relic
Cost: 0
Effect: Effect - Roar: At the beginning of your Attack Step, roll a die. Until the end of the turn, whenever one of your Creatures attacks, it gains energy equal to the die roll, before energy is removed.
Effect: At the end of your Attack Step, if you attacked with any Creatures this turn, discard all of your Creatures and Relics from play.
Flavor Text: Making one of these is like pulling teeth.
Illustrators: Gillette, Holmberg, Werner
Rarity: 1
Set: Dream's End
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