Magi-Nation Duel:


Nagi-Nation: Arderial Elios
Name: Elios
Region/Type: Arderial Magi
Cost: 10
Energize: 8
Effect: Effect - Dream Hard: At the beginning of your Energize Step, if Elios is able to energize, choose a number less than his energize rate. Reduce Elios' energize rate by the chosen number until the start of your next turn. During your Draw Step, draw cards equal to the chosen number instead of your normal two.
Effect: If Elios is defeated, discard all but five cards from your hand.
Flavor Text: "I'll be fine. No, really, I have it under control."
Illustrators: Gillette, Goodman, Werner
Rarity: 2
Set: Dream's End
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