Magi-Nation Duel:

Barqua's Bubble

Nagi-Nation: Orothe Barqua's Bubble
Name: Barqua's Bubble
Region/Type: Orothe Relic
Cost: 2
Effect: Effect - Cover: Whenever an opposing Spell or Power affects one of your Creatures in play, as it does so you may shuffle Barqua's Bubble into your deck and discard one energy from your Magi. If you do, the Spell or Power does not affect that Creature.
Flavor Text: "It's a bubble, silly. Beautiful magical energy on the outside, nothing at all on the inside." -Brie, Vault Curator
Illustrators: Gillette, Goodman, Holmberg, Werner
Rarity: 2
Set: Dream's End
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