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Quidditch Cup Card List

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Name Classification # Buy It
Bludger Item 001 buy Bludger on eBay
Catch the Snitch Spell 002 buy Catch the Snitch on eBay
Charms Exam Spell 003 buy Charms Exam on eBay
Fluffy Creature · Dog · Unique 004 buy Fluffy on eBay
Fred & George Weasley Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 005 buy Fred & George Weasley on eBay
Gaze Into the Mirror Adventure 006 buy Gaze Into the Mirror on eBay
Gold Cauldron Item · Cauldron 007 buy Gold Cauldron on eBay
Golden Snitch Item 008 buy Golden Snitch on eBay
Hagrid Needs Help Adventure 009 buy Hagrid Needs Help on eBay
Halloween Feast Spell 010 buy Halloween Feast on eBay
Harry the Seeker Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 011 buy Harry the Seeker on eBay
Hospital Bed Item 012 buy Hospital Bed on eBay
Madam Rolanda Hooch Character · Witch · Unique 013 buy Madam Rolanda Hooch on eBay
Marcus Flint Character · Wizard · Slytherin · Unique 014 buy Marcus Flint on eBay
Neville Longbottom Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 015 buy Neville Longbottom on eBay
Nimbus Two Thousand Item · Broom 016 buy Nimbus Two Thousand on eBay
No Time to Play Spell 017 buy No Time to Play on eBay
Oliver Wood Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 018 buy Oliver Wood on eBay
Out of Control Spell 019 buy Out of Control on eBay
Potions Class Disaster Spell 020 buy Potions Class Disaster on eBay
Prof. Minerva McGonagall Character · Witch · Gryffindor · Unique 021 buy Prof. Minerva McGonagall on eBay
Put-Outer Item 022 buy Put-Outer on eBay
Ravenclaw Match Match 023 buy Ravenclaw Match on eBay
Scabbers Creature · Rat 024 buy Scabbers on eBay
Seamus Finnigan Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 025 buy Seamus Finnigan on eBay
Slytherin Match Match 026 buy Slytherin Match on eBay
Start-of-Term Feast Spell 027 buy Start-of-Term Feast on eBay
Support Banner Item 028 buy Support Banner on eBay
The Sorting Hat Item 029 buy The Sorting Hat on eBay
Trevor Creature · Toad · Unique 030 buy Trevor on eBay
Chocolate Frogs Spell 031 buy Chocolate Frogs on eBay
Comet Two Sixty Item · Broom 032 buy Comet Two Sixty on eBay
Defence! Spell 033 buy Defence! on eBay
Devil's Snare Creature · Plant 034 buy Devil's Snare on eBay
Diffindo Spell 035 buy Diffindo on eBay
Doxy Creature · Fairy 036 buy Doxy on eBay
Hufflepuff Match Match 037 buy Hufflepuff Match on eBay
In the Stands Adventure 038 buy In the Stands on eBay
Into the Forbidden Forest Adventure 039 buy Into the Forbidden Forest on eBay
Jawbind Potion Spell 040 buy Jawbind Potion on eBay
Missing Parchment Spell 041 buy Missing Parchment on eBay
Penalty Shot Spell 042 buy Penalty Shot on eBay
Pep Talk Adventure 043 buy Pep Talk on eBay
Petrificus Totalus Spell 044 buy Petrificus Totalus on eBay
Power Play Spell 045 buy Power Play on eBay
Race for the Snitch Adventure 046 buy Race for the Snitch on eBay
Snape's Bias Adventure 047 buy Snape's Bias on eBay
Sticking Up for Neville Adventure 048 buy Sticking Up for Neville on eBay
Strategy Session Spell 049 buy Strategy Session on eBay
Weakness Potion Spell 050 buy Weakness Potion on eBay
Bloodroot Poison Spell 051 buy Bloodroot Poison on eBay
Bravado Spell 052 buy Bravado on eBay
Bruisewort Balm Spell · Healing 053 buy Bruisewort Balm on eBay
Cleansweep Seven Item · Broom 054 buy Cleansweep Seven on eBay
Cobbing Spell 055 buy Cobbing on eBay
Cobra Lily Creature · Plant 056 buy Cobra Lily on eBay
Cunning Fox Creature · Fox 057 buy Cunning Fox on eBay
Desk Into Pig Spell 058 buy Desk Into Pig on eBay
Drowsiness Draught Spell 059 buy Drowsiness Draught on eBay
Fouled! Spell 060 buy Fouled! on eBay
Gone! Spell 061 buy Gone! on eBay
Mice to Snuffboxes Spell 062 buy Mice to Snuffboxes on eBay
Mopsus Potion Spell 063 buy Mopsus Potion on eBay
Ouch! Spell 064 buy Ouch! on eBay
Practice Match Match 065 buy Practice Match on eBay
Pulling Up Spell 066 buy Pulling Up on eBay
Research Spell 067 buy Research on eBay
Rope Bind Spell 068 buy Rope Bind on eBay
Searching for the Snitch Spell 069 buy Searching for the Snitch on eBay
Smash! Spell 070 buy Smash! on eBay
Stream of Flames Spell 071 buy Stream of Flames on eBay
Streeler Creature · Snail 072 buy Streeler on eBay
Swarm! Spell 073 buy Swarm! on eBay
Time Out Spell 074 buy Time Out on eBay
Vanish Spell 075 buy Vanish on eBay
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 076 buy Care of Magical Creatures on eBay
Charms Lesson 077 buy Charms on eBay
Potions Lesson 078 buy Potions on eBay
Quidditch Lesson 079 buy Quidditch on eBay
Transfiguration Lesson 080 buy Transfiguration on eBay