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Diagon Alley Card List

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Name Classification # Buy It
Beater Grabs the Snitch Spell 001 buy Beater Grabs the Snitch on eBay
Bulgeye Potion Item · Bulgeye Potion 002 buy Bulgeye Potion on eBay
Christmas Feast Spell 003 buy Christmas Feast on eBay
Colour-Changing Ink Item 004 buy Colour-Changing Ink on eBay
Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Character · Wizard · Slytherin · Unique 005 buy Draco Malfoy, Slytherin on eBay
Dragon-Hide Gloves Item 006 buy Dragon-Hide Gloves on eBay
Eeylops Owl Emporium Location · Unique 007 buy Eeylops Owl Emporium on eBay
Flourish and Blotts Location · Unique 008 buy Flourish and Blotts on eBay
Good Night's Sleep Spell 009 buy Good Night's Sleep on eBay
Gringotts Location · Unique 010 buy Gringotts on eBay
Gringotts Vault Key Spell 011 buy Gringotts Vault Key on eBay
Griphook Character · Goblin · Unique 012 buy Griphook on eBay
Gryffindor Match Match 013 buy Gryffindor Match on eBay
Hagrid, Keeper of Keys Character · Unique 014 buy Hagrid, Keeper of Keys on eBay
Hagrid's Umbrella Item · Wand · Unique 015 buy Hagrid's Umbrella on eBay
Hebridean Black Dragon Creature · Dragon 016 buy Hebridean Black Dragon on eBay
Hedwig Creature · Owl · Gryffindor · Unique 017 buy Hedwig on eBay
Hermione, Top Student Character · Witch · Gryffindor · Unique 018 buy Hermione, Top Student on eBay
Lee Jordan Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 019 buy Lee Jordan on eBay
Letters From No One Adventure 020 buy Letters From No One on eBay
Madam Irma Pince Character · Witch · Unique 021 buy Madam Irma Pince on eBay
Professor Quirinus Quirrell Character · Wizard · Unique 022 buy Professor Quirinus Quirrell on eBay
Self-Stirring Cauldron Item · Cauldron 023 buy Self-Stirring Cauldron on eBay
Silver Unicorn Horn Item · Healing 024 buy Silver Unicorn Horn on eBay
Table Trouble Spell 025 buy Table Trouble on eBay
The Famous Harry Potter Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 026 buy The Famous Harry Potter on eBay
The Leaky Cauldron Location · Unique 027 buy The Leaky Cauldron on eBay
Three-Month-Long Match Match 028 buy Three-Month-Long Match on eBay
Through the Arch Adventure 029 buy Through the Arch on eBay
Vanishing Referee Spell 030 buy Vanishing Referee on eBay
Alihotsy Draught Spell 031 buy Alihotsy Draught on eBay
Barn Owl Spell 032 buy Barn Owl on eBay
Beetle Eyes Item · Beetle Eyes 033 buy Beetle Eyes on eBay
Biased Commentary Spell 034 buy Biased Commentary on eBay
Bluebottle Broom Item · Broom 035 buy Bluebottle Broom on eBay
Cauldron Shop Location 036 buy Cauldron Shop on eBay
Colloshoo Spell 037 buy Colloshoo on eBay
Eel Eyes Item · Eel Eyes 038 buy Eel Eyes on eBay
Frog-Spawn Spell 039 buy Frog-Spawn on eBay
Injured Spell 040 buy Injured on eBay
Lapifors Spell 041 buy Lapifors on eBay
Madam Malkin's Robes Location · Unique 042 buy Madam Malkin's Robes on eBay
Porcupine Robe Item 043 buy Porcupine Robe on eBay
Practical Joke Spell 044 buy Practical Joke on eBay
Quality Quidditch Supplies Location · Unique 045 buy Quality Quidditch Supplies on eBay
Quintaped Creature · Quintaped 046 buy Quintaped on eBay
Spiral Dive Spell 047 buy Spiral Dive on eBay
Verdillious Spell 048 buy Verdillious on eBay
Wand Shop Location 049 buy Wand Shop on eBay
Wild Boar Creature · Boar 050 buy Wild Boar on eBay
A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration Item · Book 051 buy A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration on eBay
Bludger in the Stands Spell 052 buy Bludger in the Stands on eBay
Blue Wig Spell 053 buy Blue Wig on eBay
Butterfly Weed Balm Spell · Healing 054 buy Butterfly Weed Balm on eBay
Cancelled Practice Spell 055 buy Cancelled Practice on eBay
Dogbane Potion Spell 056 buy Dogbane Potion on eBay
Dog Biscuits Spell 057 buy Dog Biscuits on eBay
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them Item · Book 058 buy Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them on eBay
Flipendo Spell 059 buy Flipendo on eBay
Freeze! Spell 060 buy Freeze! on eBay
Magical Drafts and Potions Item · Book 061 buy Magical Drafts and Potions on eBay
Mid-air Collision Spell 062 buy Mid-air Collision on eBay
Moonseed Poison Item 063 buy Moonseed Poison on eBay
Picking on Neville Spell 064 buy Picking on Neville on eBay
Pigley Dudley Spell 065 buy Pigley Dudley on eBay
Quick Thinking Spell 066 buy Quick Thinking on eBay
Quidditch Through the Ages Item · Book 067 buy Quidditch Through the Ages on eBay
River Troll Creature · Troll 068 buy River Troll on eBay
Screech Owl Creature · Owl 069 buy Screech Owl on eBay
Sloth Grip Spell 070 buy Sloth Grip on eBay
Spongify Spell 071 buy Spongify on eBay
Swelling Potion Spell 072 buy Swelling Potion on eBay
Tawny Owl Creature · Owl 073 buy Tawny Owl on eBay
Teacup to Rat Spell 074 buy Teacup to Rat on eBay
The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) Item · Book 075 buy The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) on eBay
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 076 buy Care of Magical Creatures on eBay
Charms Lesson 077 buy Charms on eBay
Potions Lesson 078 buy Potions on eBay
Quidditch Lesson 079 buy Quidditch on eBay
Transfiguration Lesson 080 buy Transfiguration on eBay