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Chamber of Secrets Card List

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Name Classification # Buy It
Angelina Johnson Character · Witch · Gryffindor · Unique 001 buy Angelina Johnson on eBay
Arthur Weasley Character · Wizard · Unique 002 buy Arthur Weasley on eBay
Blagging Spell 003 buy Blagging on eBay
Body Blow Spell 004 buy Body Blow on eBay
Broken Wand Item · Wand 005 buy Broken Wand on eBay
The Burrow Location · Unique 006 buy The Burrow on eBay
Colin Creevey Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 007 buy Colin Creevey on eBay
Crazed Capybara Creature · Capybara 008 buy Crazed Capybara on eBay
De-Gnoming the Garden Adventure 009 buy De-Gnoming the Garden on eBay
Dobby's Disappearance Spell 010 buy Dobby's Disappearance on eBay
Dobby's Help Spell 011 buy Dobby's Help on eBay
Double-Beater Defence Spell 012 buy Double-Beater Defence on eBay
Draco the Seeker Character · Wizard · Slytherin · Unique 013 buy Draco the Seeker on eBay
Dragon Poison Spell 014 buy Dragon Poison on eBay
Dumbledore's Office Location · Unique 015 buy Dumbledore's Office on eBay
Entrancing Enchantments Spell 016 buy Entrancing Enchantments on eBay
Errol Creature · Owl · Unique 017 buy Errol on eBay
Escaping the Dursleys Adventure 018 buy Escaping the Dursleys on eBay
Fat Friar Character · Ghost · Hufflepuff · Unique · Healing 019 buy Fat Friar on eBay
Fawkes Creature · Phoenix · Unique 020 buy Fawkes on eBay
Fighting the Basilisk Adventure 021 buy Fighting the Basilisk on eBay
Flying Car Item 022 buy Flying Car on eBay
Flying Laps Spell 023 buy Flying Laps on eBay
Flying to Hogwarts Adventure 024 buy Flying to Hogwarts on eBay
Ginny Weasley Character · Witch · Gryffindor · Unique 025 buy Ginny Weasley on eBay
Greenhouse Three Location · Unique 026 buy Greenhouse Three on eBay
Gryffindor Common Room Location · Gryffindor · Unique 027 buy Gryffindor Common Room on eBay
Harry, Second Year Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 028 buy Harry, Second Year on eBay
Hermione, Potion Maker Character · Witch · Gryffindor · Unique 029 buy Hermione, Potion Maker on eBay
Impersonating Goyle Spell 030 buy Impersonating Goyle on eBay
In the Spider's Lair Adventure 031 buy In the Spider's Lair on eBay
Justin Finch-Fletchley Character · Wizard · Hufflepuff · Unique 032 buy Justin Finch-Fletchley on eBay
Lockhart's Lecture Adventure 033 buy Lockhart's Lecture on eBay
Mandrake Creature · Plant 034 buy Mandrake on eBay
Memory Charm Spell 035 buy Memory Charm on eBay
Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom Location · Unique 036 buy Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom on eBay
Molly Weasley Character · Witch · Unique 037 buy Molly Weasley on eBay
Nimbus Two Thousand and One Item · Broom 038 buy Nimbus Two Thousand and One on eBay
No Hands Spell 039 buy No Hands on eBay
Norwegian Ridgeback Creature · Dragon 040 buy Norwegian Ridgeback on eBay
Percy Weasley Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 041 buy Percy Weasley on eBay
Petrified Spell 042 buy Petrified on eBay
Phoenix Tears Spell · Healing 043 buy Phoenix Tears on eBay
Potions Test Spell 044 buy Potions Test on eBay
Professor Pomona Sprout Character · Witch · Hufflepuff · Unique 045 buy Professor Pomona Sprout on eBay
Reparo Spell 046 buy Reparo on eBay
Rogue Bludger Item 047 buy Rogue Bludger on eBay
Ron, Youngest Brother Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 048 buy Ron, Youngest Brother on eBay
Serpensortia Spell 049 buy Serpensortia on eBay
Slytherin Common Room Location · Slytherin · Unique 050 buy Slytherin Common Room on eBay
Spiders' Exodus Spell 051 buy Spiders' Exodus on eBay
Venomous Tentacular Juice Spell 052 buy Venomous Tentacular Juice on eBay
The Weasley Twins Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 053 buy The Weasley Twins on eBay
Whomping Willow Creature · Plant · Unique 054 buy Whomping Willow on eBay
Wizard Chess Item 055 buy Wizard Chess on eBay
Angel's Trumpet Draught Spell 056 buy Angel's Trumpet Draught on eBay
Blocked! Spell 057 buy Blocked! on eBay
Blocked Barrier Adventure 058 buy Blocked Barrier on eBay
Bundimun Ooze Spell 059 buy Bundimun Ooze on eBay
Caught! Spell 060 buy Caught! on eBay
Caught by Snape Adventure 061 buy Caught by Snape on eBay
Checked! Spell 062 buy Checked! on eBay
Cleansweep Five item · Broom 063 buy Cleansweep Five on eBay
Counter Curse Spell 064 buy Counter Curse on eBay
Dragon-Dung Compost Item 065 buy Dragon-Dung Compost on eBay
Earmuffs Item 066 buy Earmuffs on eBay
Endless Sandwiches Spell 067 buy Endless Sandwiches on eBay
Floo Powder Spell 068 buy Floo Powder on eBay
Forgotten Password Spell 069 buy Forgotten Password on eBay
Invisibility Section Spell 070 buy Invisibility Section on eBay
Keeping Dobby Quiet Adventure 071 buy Keeping Dobby Quiet on eBay
Locked In Adventure 072 buy Locked In on eBay
Lockhart's Hair-Care Potions Item 073 buy Lockhart's Hair-Care Potions on eBay
Magical Mess Remover Spell 074 buy Magical Mess Remover on eBay
Manticore Creature · Manticore 075 buy Manticore on eBay
Potions Project Spell 076 buy Potions Project on eBay
Prickly Porcupine Creature · Porcupine 077 buy Prickly Porcupine on eBay
Pure-Blood Spell · Password 078 buy Pure-Blood on eBay
Rabbit Slippers Spell 079 buy Rabbit Slippers on eBay
Rainy-Day Match Match · Healing 080 buy Rainy-Day Match on eBay
Second-Hand Robe Shop Location 081 buy Second-Hand Robe Shop on eBay
Self-Shuffling Cards Item 082 buy Self-Shuffling Cards on eBay
Sherbet Lemon Spell · Password 083 buy Sherbet Lemon on eBay
Swelling Solution Spell 084 buy Swelling Solution on eBay
Through the Floo Adventure 085 buy Through the Floo on eBay
Twirl Spell 086 buy Twirl on eBay
Umbrella Flowers Creature · Plant 087 buy Umbrella Flowers on eBay
Venomous Tentacula Creature · Plant 088 buy Venomous Tentacula on eBay
Wattlebird Spell · Password 089 buy Wattlebird on eBay
Windy-Day Match Match 090 buy Windy-Day Match on eBay
Aparecium Spell 091 buy Aparecium on eBay
Backfire! Spell 092 buy Backfire! on eBay
Badgered Boy Spell 093 buy Badgered Boy on eBay
Beater's Bat Item 094 buy Beater's Bat on eBay
Beetle Buttons Spell 095 buy Beetle Buttons on eBay
Catching Apples Spell 096 buy Catching Apples on eBay
Chudley Cannons Robes Item 097 buy Chudley Cannons Robes on eBay
Copper Cauldron Item · Cauldron 098 buy Copper Cauldron on eBay
Death-Cap Draught Spell 099 buy Death-Cap Draught on eBay
Deboning Spell 100 buy Deboning on eBay
Dizziness Draught Spell 101 buy Dizziness Draught on eBay
Engorgement Charm Spell 102 buy Engorgement Charm on eBay
Evanesce Spell 103 buy Evanesce on eBay
Family Ghoul Creature · Ghoul 104 buy Family Ghoul on eBay
Fatiguing Fusion Spell 105 buy Fatiguing Fusion on eBay
Flacking Spell 106 buy Flacking on eBay
Freezing Charm Spell 107 buy Freezing Charm on eBay
Garden Gnome Creature · Gnome 108 buy Garden Gnome on eBay
Gryffindor Lion Creature · Lion · Gryffindor 109 buy Gryffindor Lion on eBay
Guide to Household Pests Item · Book 110 buy Guide to Household Pests on eBay
Hair-Raising Potion Spell 111 buy Hair-Raising Potion on eBay
Hawkshead Formation Spell 112 buy Hawkshead Formation on eBay
Hermione's Note Spell 113 buy Hermione's Note on eBay
History of Magic Homework Spell 114 buy History of Magic Homework on eBay
Hover Charm Spell 115 buy Hover Charm on eBay
Howler Spell 116 buy Howler on eBay
Hufflepuff Badger Creature · Badger · Hufflepuff 117 buy Hufflepuff Badger on eBay
Invisible Ink Spell 118 buy Invisible Ink on eBay
Leaping Toadstools Creature · Plant 119 buy Leaping Toadstools on eBay
Overdue Homework Spell 120 buy Overdue Homework on eBay
Pepperup Potion Spell · Healing 121 buy Pepperup Potion on eBay
Potions Homework Spell 122 buy Potions Homework on eBay
Ransacked! Spell 123 buy Ransacked! on eBay
Ravenclaw Eagle Creature · Eagle · Ravenclaw 124 buy Ravenclaw Eagle on eBay
Restoration Potion Item 125 buy Restoration Potion on eBay
Revealer Item 126 buy Revealer on eBay
Rose Growth Spell 127 buy Rose Growth on eBay
Shooting Star Item · Broom 128 buy Shooting Star on eBay
Slinking Ferret Creature · Ferret 129 buy Slinking Ferret on eBay
Slow-Acting Venom Item 130 buy Slow-Acting Venom on eBay
Slytherin Serpent Creature · Snake · Slytherin 131 buy Slytherin Serpent on eBay
Slytherin Steals Spell 132 buy Slytherin Steals on eBay
Training Programme Spell 133 buy Training Programme on eBay
Vanishing Cabinet Spell 134 buy Vanishing Cabinet on eBay
Zig-Zag Spell 135 buy Zig-Zag on eBay
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 136 buy Care of Magical Creatures on eBay
Charms Lesson 137 buy Charms on eBay
Potions Lesson 138 buy Potions on eBay
Quidditch Lesson 139 buy Quidditch on eBay
Transfiguration Lesson 140 buy Transfiguration on eBay