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Base Set Card List

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Name Classification # Buy It
Dean Thomas Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 001 buy Dean Thomas on eBay
Draco Malfoy Character · Wizard · Slytherin · Unique 002 buy Draco Malfoy on eBay
Draco Malfoy Character · Wizard · Slytherin · Unique 003 buy Draco Malfoy on eBay
Dragon's Escape Adventure 004 buy Dragon's Escape on eBay
Elixir of Life Spell · Healing 005 buy Elixir of Life on eBay
Gringotts Cart Ride Adventure 006 buy Gringotts Cart Ride on eBay
Hannah Abbott Character · Witch · Hufflepuff · Unique 007 buy Hannah Abbott on eBay
Harry Potter Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 008 buy Harry Potter on eBay
Hermione Granger Character · Witch · Gryffindor · Unique 009 buy Hermione Granger on eBay
Hermione Granger Character · Witch · Gryffindor · Unique 010 buy Hermione Granger on eBay
Human Chess Game Adventure 011 buy Human Chess Game on eBay
Invisibility Cloak Item · Gryffindor · Unique 012 buy Invisibility Cloak on eBay
Nearly Headless Nick Character · Gryffindor · Unique 013 buy Nearly Headless Nick on eBay
Obliviate Spell 014 buy Obliviate on eBay
Professor Filius Flitwick Character · Wizard · Ravenclaw · Unique 015 buy Professor Filius Flitwick on eBay
Professor Severus Snape Character · Healing · Wizard · Slytherin · Unique 016 buy Professor Severus Snape on eBay
Ron Weasley Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 017 buy Ron Weasley on eBay
Rubeus Hagrid Character · Unique 018 buy Rubeus Hagrid on eBay
Troll in the Bathroom Adventure 019 buy Troll in the Bathroom on eBay
Unicorn Creature · Unicorn 020 buy Unicorn on eBay
Delivery Owl Creature · Owl 021 buy Delivery Owl on eBay
Draught of Living Death Spell 022 buy Draught of Living Death on eBay
Harry Hunting Adventure 023 buy Harry Hunting on eBay
History of Magic Spell 024 buy History of Magic on eBay
Incendio Spell 025 buy Incendio on eBay
Malevolent Mixture Spell 026 buy Malevolent Mixture on eBay
Meet the Centaurs Adventure 027 buy Meet the Centaurs on eBay
Mountain Troll Creature · Troll 028 buy Mountain Troll on eBay
Mrs Norris Creature · Cat · Unique 029 buy Mrs Norris on eBay
Norbert Creature · Dragon · Unique 030 buy Norbert on eBay
Phoenix Feather Wand Item · Wand 031 buy Phoenix Feather Wand on eBay
Platform 9 3/4 Spell 032 buy Platform 9 3/4 on eBay
Potion Ingredients Item 033 buy Potion Ingredients on eBay
Raven to Writing Desk Spell 034 buy Raven to Writing Desk on eBay
Shrinking Potion Spell 035 buy Shrinking Potion on eBay
Titillando Spell 036 buy Titillando on eBay
Transfiguration Exam Spell 037 buy Transfiguration Exam on eBay
Transfiguration Test Spell 038 buy Transfiguration Test on eBay
4 Privet Drive Adventure 039 buy 4 Privet Drive on eBay
Alchemy Spell 040 buy Alchemy on eBay
Apothecary Spell 041 buy Apothecary on eBay
Apparate Spell 042 buy Apparate on eBay
Baby Dragon Creature · Dragon 043 buy Baby Dragon on eBay
Bluebell Flames Spell 044 buy Bluebell Flames on eBay
Burning Bitterroot Balm Spell · Healing 045 buy Burning Bitterroot Balm on eBay
Cage Item 046 buy Cage on eBay
Confundus Spell 047 buy Confundus on eBay
Diagon Alley Adventure 048 buy Diagon Alley on eBay
Dogbreath Potion Spell 049 buy Dogbreath Potion on eBay
Draco's Trick Spell 050 buy Draco's Trick on eBay
Dragon Heart Wand Item · Wand 051 buy Dragon Heart Wand on eBay
Fumos Spell 052 buy Fumos on eBay
Guard Dog Creature · Dog 053 buy Guard Dog on eBay
Hiding From Snape Adventure 054 buy Hiding From Snape on eBay
Kelpie Creature · Kelpie 055 buy Kelpie on eBay
Logic Puzzle Spell 056 buy Logic Puzzle on eBay
Mysterious Egg Spell 057 buy Mysterious Egg on eBay
Nurture Spell 058 buy Nurture on eBay
Ollivanders Spell 059 buy Ollivanders on eBay
Peeves Causes Trouble Adventure 060 buy Peeves Causes Trouble on eBay
Pet Toad Creature · Toad 061 buy Pet Toad on eBay
Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up Spell · Healing 062 buy Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up on eBay
Potions Exam Spell 063 buy Potions Exam on eBay
Reptile House Adventure 064 buy Reptile House on eBay
Silver Cauldron Item · Cauldron 065 buy Silver Cauldron on eBay
Snuffling Potion Spell 066 buy Snuffling Potion on eBay
Stupefy Spell 067 buy Stupefy on eBay
Take Root Spell 068 buy Take Root on eBay
Transmogrify Spell 069 buy Transmogrify on eBay
Unusual Pets Adventure 070 buy Unusual Pets on eBay
Vanishing Glass Spell 071 buy Vanishing Glass on eBay
Winged Keys Item 072 buy Winged Keys on eBay
Accio Spell 073 buy Accio on eBay
Avifors Spell 074 buy Avifors on eBay
Baubillious Spell 075 buy Baubillious on eBay
Boa Constrictor Creature · Snake 076 buy Boa Constrictor on eBay
Boil Cure Spell · Healing 077 buy Boil Cure on eBay
Borrowed Wand Item · Wand 078 buy Borrowed Wand on eBay
Cauldron to Sieve Spell 079 buy Cauldron to Sieve on eBay
Curious Raven Creature · Bird 080 buy Curious Raven on eBay
Dungbomb Spell 081 buy Dungbomb on eBay
Epoximise Spell 082 buy Epoximise on eBay
Erumpent Potion Spell 083 buy Erumpent Potion on eBay
Fluffy Falls Asleep Spell 084 buy Fluffy Falls Asleep on eBay
Forest Troll Creature · Troll 085 buy Forest Troll on eBay
Forgetfulness Potion Spell 086 buy Forgetfulness Potion on eBay
Foul Brew Spell 087 buy Foul Brew on eBay
Giant Tarantula Creature · Spider 088 buy Giant Tarantula on eBay
Hagrid and the Stranger Spell 089 buy Hagrid and the Stranger on eBay
Homework Spell 090 buy Homework on eBay
Hospital Wing Spell · Healing 091 buy Hospital Wing on eBay
Illegibilus Spell 092 buy Illegibilus on eBay
Incarcifors Spell 093 buy Incarcifors on eBay
Lost Notes Spell 094 buy Lost Notes on eBay
Magical Mishap Spell 095 buy Magical Mishap on eBay
Noxious Poison Spell 096 buy Noxious Poison on eBay
Out of the Woods Spell 097 buy Out of the Woods on eBay
Pet Rat Creature · Rat 098 buy Pet Rat on eBay
Pewter Cauldron Item · Cauldron 099 buy Pewter Cauldron on eBay
Potions Mistake Spell 100 buy Potions Mistake on eBay
Remembrall Item 101 buy Remembrall on eBay
Restricted Section Spell 102 buy Restricted Section on eBay
Scottish Stag Creature · Deer 103 buy Scottish Stag on eBay
Snape's Question Spell 104 buy Snape's Question on eBay
Squiggle Quill Spell 105 buy Squiggle Quill on eBay
Steelclaw Spell 106 buy Steelclaw on eBay
Surly Hound Creature · Dog 107 buy Surly Hound on eBay
Toe Biter Spell 108 buy Toe Biter on eBay
Vermillious Spell 109 buy Vermillious on eBay
Vicious Wolf Creature 110 buy Vicious Wolf on eBay
Wingardium Leviosa! Spell 111 buy Wingardium Leviosa! on eBay
Wizard Crackers Spell 112 buy Wizard Crackers on eBay
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 113 buy Care of Magical Creatures on eBay
Charms Lesson 114 buy Charms on eBay
Potions Lesson 115 buy Potions on eBay
Transfiguration Lesson 116 buy Transfiguration on eBay