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Adventures at Hogwarts Card List

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Name Classification # Buy It
Albus Dumbledore Character · Wizard · Unique 001 buy Albus Dumbledore on eBay
Argus Filch Character · Unique 002 buy Argus Filch on eBay
Crabbe and Goyle Character · Wizard · Slytherin · Unique 003 buy Crabbe and Goyle on eBay
Detention! Adventure 004 buy Detention! on eBay
Dragon's Blood Spell 005 buy Dragon's Blood on eBay
Dumbledore's Watch Item · Unique 006 buy Dumbledore's Watch on eBay
End-of-Year Feast Spell 007 buy End-of-Year Feast on eBay
Fang Creature · Dog · Unique 008 buy Fang on eBay
Finding the Platform Adventure 009 buy Finding the Platform on eBay
Galleon Item · Money 010 buy Galleon on eBay
Great Hall Location · Unique 011 buy Great Hall on eBay
Hagrid's House Location · Unique 012 buy Hagrid's House on eBay
Harry Triumphant Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 013 buy Harry Triumphant on eBay
Hospital Dormitory Location 014 buy Hospital Dormitory on eBay
Hut on the Rock Adventure 015 buy Hut on the Rock on eBay
Madam Pomfrey Character · Witch · Unique · Healing 016 buy Madam Pomfrey on eBay
Meeting Fluffy Adventure 017 buy Meeting Fluffy on eBay
Midnight Duel Adventure 018 buy Midnight Duel on eBay
Mirror of Erised Item · Unique 019 buy Mirror of Erised on eBay
Peeves Character · Ghost · Unique 020 buy Peeves on eBay
Philosopher's Stone Item · Healing · Unique 021 buy Philosopher's Stone on eBay
Potions Dungeon Location · Unique 022 buy Potions Dungeon on eBay
Quidditch Cup Item · Unique 023 buy Quidditch Cup on eBay
Quidditch Pitch Location 024 buy Quidditch Pitch on eBay
Riding the Centaur Adventure 025 buy Riding the Centaur on eBay
Ron the Brave Character · Wizard · Gryffindor · Unique 026 buy Ron the Brave on eBay
Stoat Sandwiches Adventure 027 buy Stoat Sandwiches on eBay
The Fat Lady Character · Gryffindor · Unique 028 buy The Fat Lady on eBay
Voldemort Revealed Adventure 029 buy Voldemort Revealed on eBay
Welsh Green Dragon Creature · Dragon 030 buy Welsh Green Dragon on eBay
5 Points From Gryffindor Adventure 031 buy 5 Points From Gryffindor on eBay
Alohomora Spell 032 buy Alohomora on eBay
Baneberry Potion Spell 033 buy Baneberry Potion on eBay
Bludger Bop Spell 034 buy Bludger Bop on eBay
Candy Cart Adventure 035 buy Candy Cart on eBay
Collapsible Cauldron Item · Cauldron 036 buy Collapsible Cauldron on eBay
Flying Motorbike Spell 037 buy Flying Motorbike on eBay
Flying Practice Adventure 038 buy Flying Practice on eBay
Forbidden Corridor Location · Unique 039 buy Forbidden Corridor on eBay
Giant Squid Creature · Squid 040 buy Giant Squid on eBay
Looking for Trevor Adventure 041 buy Looking for Trevor on eBay
Marble Gargoyle Creature · Gargoyle 042 buy Marble Gargoyle on eBay
Muddy Practice Match 043 buy Muddy Practice on eBay
Purple Firecrackers Spell 044 buy Purple Firecrackers on eBay
Running From Filch Adventure 045 buy Running From Filch on eBay
Sickle Item · Money 046 buy Sickle on eBay
Star Grass Salve Spell · Healing 047 buy Star Grass Salve on eBay
Through the Trapdoor Adventure 048 buy Through the Trapdoor on eBay
Winter Holiday Spell 049 buy Winter Holiday on eBay
Wooden Flute Spell 050 buy Wooden Flute on eBay
Anti-Cheating Spell Spell 051 buy Anti-Cheating Spell on eBay
Bewitched Snowballs Spell 052 buy Bewitched Snowballs on eBay
Black Bat Creature · Bat 053 buy Black Bat on eBay
Bucking Broomstick Spell 054 buy Bucking Broomstick on eBay
Cauldron Cakes Spell · Candy · Healing 055 buy Cauldron Cakes on eBay
Charms Accident Spell 056 buy Charms Accident on eBay
Chimaera Creature · Chimaera 057 buy Chimaera on eBay
Dog Bite Spell 058 buy Dog Bite on eBay
Every-Flavour Beans Spell · Candy 059 buy Every-Flavour Beans on eBay
Fire Protection Potion Spell 060 buy Fire Protection Potion on eBay
Fungiface Potion Spell 061 buy Fungiface Potion on eBay
Knut Item · Money 062 buy Knut on eBay
Liquorice Wand Spell · Candy 063 buy Liquorice Wand on eBay
Loop-the-Loops Spell 064 buy Loop-the-Loops on eBay
Manegro Potion Spell 065 buy Manegro Potion on eBay
Muffling Draught Spell 066 buy Muffling Draught on eBay
Owl Post Spell 067 buy Owl Post on eBay
Photo Album Item 068 buy Photo Album on eBay
Sandstone Gargoyle Creature · Gargoyle 069 buy Sandstone Gargoyle on eBay
School Broom Item · Broom 070 buy School Broom on eBay
Scribblifors Spell 071 buy Scribblifors on eBay
Sleeping Potion Spell 072 buy Sleeping Potion on eBay
Switching Spell Spell 073 buy Switching Spell on eBay
Troll Bogies Spell 074 buy Troll Bogies on eBay
Vanishing Step Spell 075 buy Vanishing Step on eBay
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 076 buy Care of Magical Creatures on eBay
Charms Lesson 077 buy Charms on eBay
Potions Lesson 078 buy Potions on eBay
Quidditch Lesson 079 buy Quidditch on eBay
Transfiguration Lesson 080 buy Transfiguration on eBay