Codename: Kids Next Door Trading Card Game

Ages Players Duration
5+ 2 5-15 Mins

The Kids Next Door are an elite team protecting children from evil plots designed to ruin their fun and freedom. A tie-in to the popular Cartoon Network series, this game was designed to be accessible to all ages. The basic game utilizes a simple "War" like play style of higher number wins with first player to 5 wins being victorious. An advanced version was also included where you set aside cards in an attempt to boost other cards but it did little to change the luck nature of the game. The game included a nice gimmick of stickers that could be added to cards to customize them, with each booster containing 4 stickers.

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Set Lists

  • Base Set
  • S.O.O.P.E.R.E.V.I.L. (We're searching for this info.)

Created By: Brian Tinsman, Brandon Bozzi

Win Conditions: Points

Release Date: 2005-07-15

Active: No

Art Style: Screencaps

Categories: Television, Cartoon

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