Pokemon Trading Card Game

Ages Players Duration
6+ 2 20 Mins.

As a Pokemon trainer, recruit pokemon and provide them with energy to battle against other pokemon. Be the first to obtain 6 prizes or knock out all your opponent's pokemon to win the Poke-Battle. Behind Magic, Pokemon is the second most popular trading card game and has enjoyed a continuous stream of expansions since its release. While initially targeting a more accessible game than Magic it has developed into a much deeper game with expanded card types and special pokemon. Pokemon has also done well at integrating its digital version with the physical with production often offering online benefits.

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Created By: Takumi Akabane, Tsunekaz ishihara

Win Conditions: Points, Knock Out, Decking

Release Date: 1998-12-01

Active: Yes

Art Style: Original

Categories: Video Game, Manga, Cartoon

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